Kate Drago is a graphic designer and art director with over 7 years of professional experience working with luxury brands in an ever-evolving landscape of both digital and print media.

Her immersion in design has fostered a passion for layout, typography, and user experience; while her background in art direction has been effective in encouraging brand development through meaningful storytelling.

She is most influenced by the narratives and stories swirling around her every day – memories, found objects, antiques, family histories and personal connection. 


Want the details?
Take a closer peek at her resume, here.



What makes her tick?


She likes

1 water
2 gardening
3 guacamole

She loves

1 trade gothic
2 grid systems
3 white space


Contact: drago.km[@]gmail.com



Some selected accolades


Meserve Scholarship for Achievements in Graphic Design

Northeastern University Excellence Scholarship

Featured on Design Work Life

Girl Scout Gold Award  (She will do her best to be honest and fair!)